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About Us

OCW IT Services delivers exceptional customer service.

Founded in 2009, driven by a passion for quality service.


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Connect your laptop to a Dual Screen within seconds


Bus & Truck DVD Rear Observation


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Our Services

Our expert consultants provide tailored solutions.

Computer Hardware

Offering a range of physical components for computing systems, including processors, memory, storage devices, and peripherals.

Computer Software

Providing various programs, applications, and operating systems designed to enable specific tasks or functions on computing devices.

Network Integration

Seamlessly integrating various networking components, such as routers, switches, and cables, to establish efficient and reliable communication between devices.

Network & System Support

Delivering comprehensive assistance and troubleshooting services for networks and systems, ensuring optimal performance and minimal downtime.

Cartridges & Consumables

Supplying a variety of printer cartridges, toners, and other consumables necessary for printing and document management needs.

CCTV Camera

Installing and maintaining closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems for surveillance and security purposes, offering monitoring and recording capabilities.

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Our Process

A structured approach for successful project delivery


Assessment & Planning

Thorough analysis to tailor solutions to your needs


Implementation & Testing

Efficient deployment with rigorous testing procedures


Training & Support

Comprehensive training and ongoing support services

Mission Statement

OCW IT Services mission is to provide exceptional products from Tier 1 international brands whereby OCW IT Services takes ownership of the product for warranty purposes to ensure ongoing quality of the product thereby building long term, trustworthy relationships.

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